Your (management) team on safari

Would you like to build an organization that offers your clients an adventure. One like a safari-trip with original views and surprises of beauty every moment. A customer journey they will never forget?

Would you like to build an organization that offers opportunities to all your staffs so that they can grow above their own expectations. An organization that offers enough security to embrace the wild adventure of walking the extra mile. An organization that unleashes the full potential of each member so they discover how powerful they are, to overcome every challenge?

Would you like to have a managementteam that fully trust each other. A team where the ego’s do not appear. A team that respects each strengths and weaknesses in order to create a high performing team? A team that focusses on a mutual goal to fulfill each ones ambitions?

If this is your wish, than it is NOW time for action.

Join a Safari Team Training with us,

  • One week Safari in Tanzania, with a customized team training based on the goals you want to achieve.
  • Deep personal connections within your team
  • Good for teambuilding, strategy-sessions, key cultural issues, business essentials
  • Sessions will be guided by excellent facilitators

For more information:

 Arco Kats  +31 (0)6-24572943


The magic of the jungle

In the jungle there is magic. The combination of strategy / team building sessions in the heart of the jungle makes you more creative.

You can not escape, phone and internet is not always guaranteed, so it gives you the opportunity to be offline for a while. This creates new and deeper connections.

The jungle is full of metaphors that helps you to formulate ideas and strategies in such a way that it is easy to remember.